Welcome to the New Mormon Music Website!

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Mormon Music

Mormon Music is a new interactive website designed with the music enthusiast in mind. The overarching purpose of the site is to bring listeners the best in music by upcoming, as well as, seasoned Mormon artists. Even though lds.org/music is the official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with hymns and children’s music, used officially by the Church, Mormon Music.org takes visitors on a different kind of musical journey as they explore the many avenues of the exciting Mormon music scene.

Visitors to the site will discover that “Mormon Music” is more than another rest stop along the information super-highway to listen to Church hymns or sermons by some of their favorite speakers. On “Mormon Music” they will  discover a melting pot of LDS music artists with varied backgrounds, music styles, and genre selections. Approximately 190 Mormon artists are already profiled on the site, and more are added regularly. Some of the featured artists include Nik Day, James the Mormon, David Osmond, David Archuleta, Lindsey Stirling, Alex Boyé, Anna Richey, Bryce Romney, Yahosh Bonner, Jennifer Thomas, Monica Scott, Belle Jewel, Eclipse 6, The Five Strings, Jason Lyle Black, Sara Arkell, Aaliyah Rose, and Marj Desius, to name but a few. There are other Mormon artists have expressed their interest in being a part of Mormon Music and their profiles will appear on the website in the near future. A couple of our recent additions include rising artists Payton Kemp, a young actor and a singer from American Fork, Utah, and Reese Oliveira, a young soprano who sings with the ever popular One Voice Children’s Choir.

Some of the highlighted features of the new Mormon Music.org website include:

  • bios of Mormons in the music business with links to their official websites and social media accounts
  • our favorite video for each artist
  • all musical genres represented — from classical to country
  • up to date posts on LDS Music events and news, video finds of the week, and tour dates for your favorite LDS artists
  • free music downloads in many languages from which you can build a playlist of your favorites
  • the opportunity to share your own sound files and music videos — we are always looking for new talent to showcase
  • new submission form to use for submitting MP3 files and video files

All submissions to the Mormon Music.org website are clean and “family friendly” – that includes members of the family from the oldest to the youngest. We hope that LDS artists will find “Mormon Music” a fun venue for promoting their music and that they will want to share some of their own material to help enhance the website. It is also our hope that, even though all our featured artists are LDS, fans of all faiths will stop by to visit with their favorite LDS artists. One thing that all the artists have in common is that their goal is to produce music that is uplifting and has a positive message.

Welcome, one and all to Mormon Music!

Keith Lionel Brown
Lead Writer/Manager of Mormon Music

You can contact Keith Brown directly at kbrown@moregoodfoundation.org for more information, or if you, or someone you know, would be interested in becoming a featured LDS artist on Mormon Music.org. I look forward to hearing from you! Also, please take a moment to “Like” the Mormon Music Facebook page.