Where do you place your priorities?

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What are your priorities?

At times we all can plead guilty to setting our priorities of life in an order that proves ineffective. Sometimes we become so entangled in the web of the mundane things of the world that we find ourselves hopelessly trapped in an abyss, always groping for the proverbial rope to pull us out, but never seem able to find it or gain a hold on it.

We have a tendency to become so ensnared in the clamor and continual chatter in life that our ears become deafened to the things that they should listen to. We often find ourselves running into proverbial walls of trivial matters that vie for our time and attention, diverting our focus away from the more weightier matters of life. As a result, we begin to overemphasize things that are the least important in our lives and devalue those things that implore us to give our immediate consideration.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and if necessary revise and revamp our priorities. By so doing we will be able to sharpen our focus and look beyond the proverbial trees that often block our view, thus gaining a broader view of the entire proverbial forest. We will also be able to adjust our listening frequency to squelch out the static of the world and become more attuned to those things which beckon us for sagacious considerations of what is important and what is not. Additionally, we will be able to escape from the dismal abyss in which we may presently find ourselves, affording us the opportunity to stop and smell the roses along the way, and enhance our overall vision for our life.

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