Let Hatred Be Your Foe

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No Regrets, Only Love

Hatred towards another is a builder of walls and barriers that cause undue strife and division. It stifles any chance for reasoning and understanding and alienates love completely. It receives its nourishment from unrelenting anger and pent-up frustration and has a disdain for people in general.

At all cost, hatred should always be our foe, and never our friend. We must learn that we can never combat hatred with more hatred. The only thing accomplished in so doing is that the hot, glowing embers are kept ever-burning, and at any given moment could burst into a raging fire that becomes out of control. The only way to combat hatred is through love and a genuine understanding which in time tears down the walls and barriers which hatred has built.

Hatred causes nothing but pain and misery, but love brings about final restoration and reconciliation. In any case, hatred does far more damage to the hater than it does to the hated. It is a cancer of the soul. It gives no peace and demands continual justification. Therefore, as for me, I resolve to hate no more forever.