We are All Uniquely Different

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We are All Uniquely Different

I am neither better than nor superior to you. You are not better than nor superior to me. We were both created in the image of the same Divine Creator. However, when this Master Potter took a lump of clay to design each of our molds, He lovingly and meticulously worked at the potter’s wheel to shape each of us into something that is wondrously unique. Therefore, we are the same in that we were fashioned and designed by the hands of the same Master, but we are different in that each of our designs are intricately different.

Each of us were fearfully and wonderfully made with a specific purpose and mission in mind. Included within the makeup of each of us are the talents and abilities that the Master saw fit to include to enable us to fulfill that purpose and mission which would ultimately bring praise and glory to His name. Therefore, it proffer us absolutely nothing to harbor malice, envy, jealousy, or deliberate hatred towards others because we have not been blessed in our lives with the same things that they have been blessed with in their lives.

In short, instead of being overly concerned about the things that are growing in our neighbor’s fields and the crops that he will eventually harvest, we perhaps should spend more time tending our own fields and giving thanks for the crops that we will eventually harvest. When we learn to show our gratitude for the bounteous harvest that the Master blesses us to receive, He will in turn bless our fields to yield even greater harvests.

The Master is not a respecter of persons. He does not give a greater measure of blessings to any person because He has a more abiding love for that person. But rather, those blessings are meted to him predicated upon his faithfulness and obedience, as well as, the measure of gratitude that He shows for those things which he has already been abundantly blessed with.