Mother of Mine. . . .

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Mom in the Early Years

She was my doctor and nurse when I was sick, attending my bedside and caring for my needs. She was my lawyer when I got into trouble, defending me to the bitter end. She was my counselor, teaching me right from wrong. She was a strong, but loving, disciplinarian when warranted to keep me on the right path in life. She was my first school teacher in the school of life. She was my first Sunday school teacher, teaching me to love my Savior. She was a friend and a true confidant. Who was this special person? She was my mother, and I miss her dearly.

I have always been under the strong opinion that if you want to know how a young man will treat his wife someday, you need only to see how he treats his dear mother. If he has no respect for his mother – the one who gave him life – he will not have respect for his future wife either. Learning to respect the sacredness of womanhood begins in the home.

Someone has wisely stated that behind every good man, there is a good woman. I know of a surety that is true. Whether that woman is a dear mother, a dear grandmother, a loving sister, an endearing wife, or some other special person, each one has played and/or continues to play a vital role in some man’s life. I will forever be eternally grateful for all the women in my life, especially that sweet mother of mine. God bless them all.

In my humble estimation I am neither rich nor wealthy because I have a large bank account, have amassed great worldly possessions, or have jewels of great worth. I am rich because of a loving mother who was a rare and polished jewel. There are no jewels in the entire world that are worth more than the unfaltering love that she gave me. I may not have wealth in riches, but I do attest that my life is richly blessed largely due to that sweet mother of mine who gave me more than this world could ever afford me.

~ Keith Lionel Brown