We Are Blessed, Yet We Fail to Realize

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Happiness and a Peaceful Mind

One of the most valuable life lessons that my dear mother ever taught the four children whom she loved dearly was that no matter how bad we may think our situation and circumstances are, and no matter how much we think that we have to do without some things in life, we should always remember that there is someone, somewhere, whose situation and circumstances are a lot worse than we can ever begin to imagine.

We need to learn to give thanks not only for the grandiose blessings and miracles in our lives, but for the smallest of blessings and miracles as well. It has been my humble experience through the years that the greatest blessings and miracles come in small packages, not in large, brightly decorated packages. We should give thanks for that which we have, and not be quick to murmur and complain about those things which we do not have. After all, true joy and happiness in life is not dependent upon the “things” that we have or do not have.

If we the Lord blesses us to see a new day and with the ability to arise from our slumbers clothed in our right minds and with our full health and strength, we are truly blessed as there are many in the world who are not as fortunate. As a case in point, I think of a dear sweet sister who remains in a hospital after four and a half years. She does not even realize what day it is, let alone that she has a 15-year-old son that is growing into becoming a wonderful young man, and she has missed out on so many of his formative years.

Let us take time to remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves and although we are unable to do anything for them financially, we can give them our love and let them know that we do care about others and not just ourselves. True happiness in life can be found in service to others, giving thanks for the things that we have, and not complaining about the things that we do not have. When we have hearts filled with gratitude, we begin to realize just how blessed we truly are.

Be Thanksful - Stop Complaining

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