My Living Must Not Be in Vain

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My Living Must Not Be In Vain

Some people may wonder why I spend so much time doing the things that I do. In a humble effort to answer that query, I offer the following explanation:

I am only one voice. I fully realize that there is only so much that I will ever be able to do to make an impact or difference in this world. However, I also fully realize that those things that I can do are the things that I ought to do and must do. To sit quietly by and do or say absolutely nothing, in my humble opinion, would be doing a great injustice to my fellow-man whom I could have helped in his journey if I had but taken the time to put self aside and do so.

For me to think that I am on a lone crusade to save or change the world is both a foolish and a futile idea. I, alone, cannot change the world, but I can do my best to make a difference in the world, no matter how small the difference, in the lives of people whom I cross paths with on life’s pilgrim journey.

I fully realize that my life is not mine to live solely centered on self. If I cannot help my brother or sister on their journey, or do something to help make their burden just a little lighter to carry, then I humbly ask, “What is the point of it all?” If I cannot live my life in a way that I can at least make some small difference in the world and influence those whom I meet as I pass along, then in my humble estimation, my living will have been in vain.