What is your conundrum?

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I am beginning to realize and understand more and more each day that there are some people in the world who are not totally against what another person stands for, believes, or the ideas that he or she tries to convey, but at the same time, they are not necessarily in total agreement with that person either. Their conundrum is that they sometimes find themselves faced with making a decision as to whether to get on board with the ideas presented, continue searching for an alternative plan which is not readily available or lacks in its ability to accomplish the same necessary goals, or to dismiss the matter completely.

I liken this to a person who resides in a small secluded town and wants to attend a big event which is taking place in the next town which is some distance away. The fastest means of transportation available is the local train which will get him to the event earlier and allow him to have some extra time to do some other things that he had hoped to do while in town. However, although this person has nothing against traveling on a train, he is not in favor of having to travel by train to get to his destination. His conundrum is that he has to decide whether he is going to get aboard the train that can certainly get him to his destination in the shortest amount of time, look for an alternate means of transportation to get him to his destination with the foreknowledge that the time that he will have to spend at the event will be shorter than he had hoped, or simply forgo the trip.

Each of us face our own conundrums in life which can be small or as big as giants. The question that begs an answer is, “How will we respond when the conundrums present themselves?”