How will the world remember us?

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How will we be remembered?

It never ceases to amaze me that in this life a person can do 10,000 great and wonderful things to make the world a better place for all humanity, but being mortal and therefore prone to having flaws, is guilty of a few misdeeds in his or her life, and it is those misdeeds that some people will continue to remember and dwell on long after the person has departed this earthly life. Anytime someone tries to remember the person for the good human being that they were, there are those who are quick to rush in to discredit that person and unearth “facts” that they claim “prove” that the person was not someone worthy of being remembered as a decent human being, but someone whose name would be better forgotten and never mentioned again.

Even more interesting is that it seems that only certain classes of people tend to end up being remembered by some for the bad things that they did while they were among the living, while all the good they did in the world become the things buried like hidden treasures which can never be found again because even the map that could be used to find those treasures is conveniently lost. But, by the same token, there are those who have lived in this world and literally turned it upside down through all of their shenanigans and foolishness, and because they managed to leave this world performing one great deed, they are long remembered as “unsung heroes”, and when their past comes to light, that light is quickly turned off, the light bulb removed, and all electrical sources to the light permanently removed.

Why can we not remember that we are all imperfect mortals and throughout our lives we may be found guilty of some misdeeds in our lives? Why can we not take a moment and step back, and instead of racing to judgment on others, take time to consider how the world will remember us once we have departed? Throughout this life, every name will be had for good or bad, but may we all be remembered, regardless of our lot in life, for the good that we did as we journeyed through this land, and may those misdeeds which we had committed along the way be forgiven and forgotten.