Using Things and Loving People

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Using Things and Loving People

The number of people in this world who seem to think that everything in life is gratis is staggering. They envision in their finite minds an ocean filled with oysters, and inside every oyster is a pearl of entitlement to have whatever they want, when they want it.

These are people who incessantly, and unashamed take advantage of people at every turn. They feel that they can petition the services of any person at any given time, and that person should willingly give the service requested without any expectation of compensation for their time and efforts. To even voice their gratitude for the service they have received with a simple “thank you” seems an arduous task, and so often times those two little words are never uttered. Some of these people even go so far as to assume that they do not owe the world anything, but rather the world owes them everything and should always be ready to do their bidding.

This way of thinking can lead a person to believe that others are nothing more than needed or wanted merchandise taken from a store shelf and purchased, and when there is no longer a need for it, it gets tossed in the garbage and never thought about again. However, people are not proverbial merchandise on a shelf.

The sad commentary is that there are many people in the world today who love their material possessions more than they love other people. They tend to love things and use people when they should love people and use things. Failing to realize that at the least expected hour those people whom they use and take advantage of often become the ones needed the most, they find themselves living a life of misery and woe because just as the merchandise tossed into the garbage and never thought about again when there is no further use for it,  people who are constantly being used soon begin to feel that their usefulness is far spent, and hence are often hard to find in an hour of desperation.

We cannot live our lives under the assumption that we have a poetic license to treat people as if they are mere commodities that we use at will and toss aside when we have no further use for them. We must learn to reciprocate any act of kindness that we receive with acts of our own charity and kindness. We must learn to nurture and love all people.

Using Things and Loving People