Learn from the Past and Keep Moving Forward

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Keep Moving Forward

Just because we may wish that certain unpleasant events in history did not occur, it does not negate the fact that those events did indeed take place. It proves futile to incessantly sweep things under the carpet as if performing some proverbial magical act which will make the events disappear or remove the pain of the horrific sting caused by the ramifications of those events that tends to linger ad infinitum.

We are of no valuable assistance to any honest seeker of truth by attempting to answer their quandaries with unremitting replies such as, “That is something that happened long ago. That is history. Forget it and get over it.” Instead, we need to bolster our courage and confidence and give honest and sincere responses to the questions asked of us with the warning that our responses be founded on truth, not on hearsay or personal emotions or opinions.

I will admit that we should not seek to pitch our tents in the lands of the past and want to dwell there, however, we do need to realize that we did indeed have to traverse those lands to arrive at the places where we are at this present moment. Therefore, we use the life lessons learned from the past to build and fortify our present foundations, and to envision even more changes and better opportunities to learn and grow in the future.

~ Keith Lionel Brown