Choose Thee Well Thy Friends

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You Are Ny Friend

One thing that has always boggled my mind is the great lengths which some people will go to keep up a certain status of what they refer to as popularity. I am forever amazed at how some people feel that it is all so important to have a myriad of “friends.” It is almost as if having a large number of friends is some sort of security blanket for them.

If the past 55 years on this journey through life has taught me nothing else, it has taught me the valuable life lesson that not all people who say they are your  “friend” have your best interest at heart. Yes, there are those who are true and loyal friends to the end, but the proverbial flip side of that coin is that there are also some people who are only a “friend” so long as being a friend is of some benefit to them.

There are some who work under the guise of friendship because of the associations that we may have with certain people, and they feel that by being a “friend” to us will somehow place them in the spotlight of “knowing” or being “good friends” with those same people. And then there are those whom I refer to as the leeches in life. They are only clung to us so long as we do whatever it is that they want, when they want, regardless of how inconvenient it is for us. When we no longer play the role of being their underdog, they fall off and go in search of a new victim to suck the life blood from.

We need to use wisdom, discernment, and sound judgment in choosing our sphere of friends. We must also realize that when choosing friends, quality is far more important than quantity. It is far better being surrounded by a small pond of devoted, loyal, true friends, than being overwhelmed by an ocean of supposed friends.

Elige quod bonum tibi dilectis – – -> Elija te vaya bien a tus amigos – – -> CHOOSE THEE WELL THY FRIENDS!

Just a few of my thoughts on a quiet Sunday evening. What are your thoughts?