The Prodigal Son Returns Home to the Father

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The Prodigal Son Returns Home

On Thursday evening, 4 September 2014, I was inspired to write and share a part of my life story that I have never shared, at least not with such a large audience as social media venues until now. I felt strongly impressed that the time was right for sharing my account, and that lives would be touched by what I wrote.

To my utter amazement, the article which I wrote titled “The Reasons Why I Left the Church and Quit Religion” has been viewed by over 3,000 people within 5 days of publication, and still going strong. I mention the numbers only in fact not to boast, for I am grateful for the impact and blessing that it has had on the lives of so many people thus far.

This prodigal son has had an incredible journey on his way back home to the Father, and I am eternally thankful that He has never given up on me, even though there are so many times that I have given up on myself. In spite of all of my failures and shortcomings, His arms of unconditional love are always outstretched to comfort me.

Each of us have our own separate journeys, but if we have the want and are willing, we can one day return safely home to the arms of the loving Father who awaits us. Please take a moment to read the article: “The Reasons Why I Left the Church and Quit Religion.” Please feel free to comment in the comment section below.