Just One Voice. . . . We Can Make A Difference

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We Can All Make a Difference

We may only be one voice, but yet that one lone voice can be used to penetrate a deafness of silence and make a tremendous impact on the world. There is indeed a time to remain silent, but there also comes an hour when that silence must be broken.

It is not the time to remain silent when a great revolution is taking place around us, but perhaps it is best to remain silent if our voice is the cause of a revolution without just cause.

We should raise our voices, not merely to be heard above the masses, or to add to the rumblings already created by the masses, but rather our voice should be raised as a clarion trumpet that sounds attention to matters that need to be, and must be heard.

We may only be one voice, but if that voice is raised to bring about change in the world, to give hope to the hopeless, and encouragement to the discouraged, then that one lone voice finds itself no longer in solitude, but rather it becomes music to the ears of hungry and thirsty souls.