Blessed is the Man. . . .

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Blessed is the man. . . .

Blessed is the man who is wise enough to acknowledge the hand of Almighty God in all things, and not foolish enough to ever push away that great hand of favor, or ignorant enough to ever believe that all things are wrought by his own hands, thus making him, in his own finite mind, the Creator instead of he who is the product of creation.

Blessed is the man who is wise enough to be willing to be teachable and to learn from those things which he is taught and apply them in a way that is practical, and not foolish enough to ever believe that he is an omniscient being, or ignorant enough to assume that he is the epitome of all wisdom and knowledge, thus setting himself up for a great fall by placing himself on a proverbial pedestal proclaiming to be wiser than the true Omniscient One, hence instead of appearing to be wise, he appears to be a fool.

Blessed is the man who acknowledges the existence and presence of others and learns to treat each person with dignity and respect and as a person of self-worth – just as he would want to be treated, and not foolish enough to live his life under the preconceived notion that he is the center of the universe and all things revolve around him and are subservient to him, or ignorant enough to crown himself king of a proverbial empire that is doomed to crumble due to his own self-righteousness, egotism, and pride.

Blessed is the man who is wise enough to stand for what he believes and knows to be right without ever cowering or apologizing for his stand, and is not foolish enough to become crass and overbearing in making his stand, thus causing undue disharmony and contention, or ignorant enough that he is not willing to have an open mind and heart to accept new ideas which may help to support and strengthen his stand, thus proclaiming that his way is the only way and all others are to be treated as outright foolishness and dross.


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