The ABC’s of Life

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Young Black Men

In the video above, Tim Lee, Founder/Executive Director of One Black Man, Inc., a leadership consulting firm for Black boys between the ages of 13 and 18 in Chicago, addresses his graduating class at Hampton University in 2004.

The following are the ABC’s of life as he presented them in his short, but powerful, 5 minutes and 40 seconds commencement address:

Take the A-and accept the challenge
The B-and believe in ourselves
The C-convert our thoughts into hopes
The D-the determination to convert our hopes into dreams
We should E-expect some obstacles on the way up
And F-fight while we’re faithful and finish the course
We should G-get God on our side
And H-have a Harvey model of leadership
We should I-inspire someone else
And J-take Jesus on our journey
We should K-keep on keeping on
And L-be a leader
We should M-make everyday count
And N-never give up!
We must O-overcome our obstacles
And P-put our best foot forward
We must Q-quit quitting
And R-run the race with patience
We must S-strive on
While T-trusting in The Lord
We should U-use our talents
And V-value our time
We should W-wait for understanding
And X x-ray our own lifestyles
We should Y-yearn to achieve all that we seek
And Z-be zealous when reaching the top!

You can also visit and “Like” Tim Lee’s One Black Man Facebook page. Below is a video of an interview with Tim Lee. Please feel free to share your comments.

I believe that this goes right along with Minister Tim Lee’s remarks – The ABC’s of Faith:

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