The Practicality of Our “Religion”

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Baptist Pastor

I grow weary of pastors and ministers – men and women of God – who spend so much precious time tearing down other religions. They preach long and hard, pound their pulpits, and stomp dust out of the carpets every Sunday morning proclaiming that God is love and that we are all His children, but then, in the same breath, they preach long and hard about why almost every religion besides their own is not Christian.

What is a Christian?

I grow even more dissatisfied and discouraged with those who incessantly use the word “cult” as a label for any “religion” that they believe does not meet the standards for being qualified as Christian. I think that if some of them would look up the word “cult” in the dictionary and ponder its true meaning, they just might find that some of the practices of their particular “religion” do not measure up to the standards of Christianity either. However, many will not look up the true meaning of the word “cult” because it is easier to prove everything that they are doing – whether right or wrong, whether in line with God’s commands and the teachings of the Gospel or not – by placing their practices under the guise of the “protective umbrella” of “Christianity.”

Fellowship in Truth

The other thing that amazes me is that there are people who act as if they are the only Christians on the face of the earth and everyone who does not fit into their particular “mold” is eternally lost without any hope of salvation. I believe that if we spend less time and energy adding mortar and brick to the proverbial walls that tend to divide us because of differences, and more time working together building bridges of hope and understanding, we would be able to join hands around the world and shower this earth with blessings untold.

I may not believe or agree with all the things that you believe, and you may not believe or agree with all the things that I believe, but that does not give either of us a poetic license to tear each other down because of our beliefs. If we are going to preach that God is love and that He loves all of his children, then isn’t it time that we stop wearing our “religion” on our sleeves, and start practicing what we preach?