I Believe Podcasts: Expressions of Faith

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Is God running late?

The “I Believe Podcast: Expressions of Faith” series is hosted by Karen Triffiletti., “an ordinary woman, mother of two, with a passion for inspiring others and pursuing a life of truth and faith in Jesus Christ.”

It is a faith building and faith inspired podcast which has been designed to answer questions that any earnest seeker of truth of any religious affiliation, or even if he or she is not associated with any particular religious faith, may have. The purpose of the podcast as stated on the “About” page of the “I Believe Podcast: Expressions of Faith” website is as follows:

I Believe: Expressions of Faith is extended to all interested truth-seekers–agnostics, religiously unaffiliated, spiritual but not religious, intellectually struggling, friends of all faiths seeking to know about life’s meaning, Christianity, or Christ’s Church.

Karen may be reached at karen@ibelievepodcast.com. You can also contact her through Twitter, Facebook, or the “I Believe Podcast: Expressions of Faith” website contact form. The playlist below has the video episodes of the podcast thus far. Stay tuned for more to come. The podcast series can also be found on Patheos.com.