Forever Treasure – Mother Osmond Memo (M.O.M.) – January 1998

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Olive May Davis Osmond

Jimmy Osmond and MeI first met Olive May Davis Osmond (4 May 1925 – 9 May 2004) in June 1997, shortly after my beloved mother passed away, at her home in Branson, Missouri where I was honored to be a guest on several occasions. Mother Osmond, as she was lovingly referred, was the loving mother of the world-famous Osmond Brothers (Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Wayne, Jay) whom I also met at the Osmond Family Theater in Branson, Missouri. She was also the mother of Donny and Marie Osmond of the popular “Donny and Marie Show” (1976-1979), Jimmy Osmond (whom I had the privilege of singing part of “Your Cheating Heart” with during one of the Osmond Family Shows in Branson), and Virl and Tom Osmond, both of whom were born deaf. She was also the loving wife of George Virl Osmond Sr. (Father Osmond), who signed a copy of the Book of Mormon for me which I still have in my library. She was the grandmother to 55, and the great-grandmother to 22.

Mrs. Olive May Davis Osmond and MePrior to meeting Mrs. Osmond in person, we had emailed each other, and that correspondence continued for several years afterwards, and we spoke by telephone on a few occasions as well. She was the author of the infamous M.O.M. Newsletter which she wrote on a regular basis and sent around the world. In January 1998, I emailed her an article that I had written titled “How To Be A Success In Life” which she included excerpts of in the January 1998 edition. You can read an original copy of that edition below.

I will always treasure the memories of having known Olive May Davis Osmond if only for a short time. I suppose one of the reasons why I loved her so much is because in many ways she reminded me of my own dear mother, Frances May (Harmon) Brown who passed away in June 1997 at 59 years young after a battle with breast cancer.

On 10 March 1998, almost 16 years ago, in Reykjavík, Iceland, I was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (inadvertently called the “Mormon” Church by the media and others.) Mrs. Osmond sent me a copy of the Doctrine and Covenants study guide, along with a personal handwritten note as a gift. I still have both in my personal library.

George Virl Osmond Sr. and Olive May Davis Osmond