Love Will Always Conquer Hate

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Love Will Always Conquer Hate

At the young age of 55 years, if I have learned nothing else on this pilgrim journey, I have learned that hate suffocates love. I have learned that the only way to overturn hate is to smother it with love.

Regardless of what people may have said about me in the past, or even their disparaging remarks about me at this very hour, and regardless of what some may have done to hurt me in the past, or what some may have planned at present to try to hurt and discredit me, I refuse to harbor malice in my heart toward any man.

I do not have the time to hate. For the hour grows short, and I choose to use the time that I have been proffered to love than to hate. Hate used as a weapon of retaliation against hate only yields a bloody battlefield of more hatred. But love rendered even to those who despise and reject its message conquers all, and at the end of the day, it is love that will always stand victorious.

I would prefer spending my life standing in the cool green pastures of love, than finding myself sinking hopelessly, ever deeper, into the abyss of hatred.

~ Keith Lionel Brown © 2014