Reflections of Life – To the Rising Generation

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Dare to dream, dare to believe

Maybe it is my age and the fact that I have lived and survived over a half century of history that sometimes makes me want to shake my head and wonder.

I began working at a very young age – the moment I was old enough to get a work permit, and I have worked ever since to strive to make my life count for something. I grew up in a day and time when it was a struggle to get certain jobs and positions, not to mention expecting to have equal rights or not be looked down upon as someone who is inferior because of his race. Yes, these are things that our younger generation hear of in passing, or maybe get a chance to read a snippet about in their history textbooks. They decry that times must have been rough back then, while I decry that I know what the times were really like because the history that they read and hear about was a very real part of my everyday life.

Possibilities Become Limitless

Nevertheless, I did not sit down on my blessed assurance and whine and cry about how unfair life was or could have been. I determined within myself that if I were going to make it in this world, and if I were going to help bring about a change in this world, then it was up to me to lift myself from the dust and ashes of life and press on. I have achieved a certain level of success and notoriety in my short lifetime, not by cowering in the corner and giving up every time the winds of adversity would blow, but because I dared to laugh in the face of adversity and proved it wrong, time after time.

There were times that I may have been knocked down, but I chose to get back up. I may not have always lived in the best of circumstances, but I chose to rise above my circumstances. Because I chose to do these things, do I suppose that I am better than anyone else? Absolutely not, but I will declare that I know that I can by the grace of Almighty God do better, and be a better person today than I was yesterday. I am determined to control my circumstances, and not allow the circumstances of my life to control me.

Young Achievers

I say all of that to say this to the young and rising generation:

It is time that you stop your crying, whining, and complaining that no one wants to give you a chance. It is time that you stop pointing the fingers at everyone else and blaming them for your lack of success in life, and start pointing the fingers back at yourself. The reality, my young friends, is that YOU control your destiny. If you fail in this life it will be because in essence, you failed yourself. No one is holding you back from achieving the impossible dreams, but YOU.

It is time to pick yourselves up from the dust and ashes of life and get on with living life. Stop dwelling on what was, or what might have been, and start focusing on the here and now. Seize the day! Now is your moment to shine, but a candle that is put under a bushel will never give light to the world. YOU can do anything in this life that YOU set your mind to do, but You have to get off your blessed assurances and make things happen.


~ Keith Lionel Brown © 2014