Do You Know Him?

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Praech the Gospel

Just because a man or woman has a theological degree from a Seminary, Bible College, or some other religious institution, it does not show that he or she has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It only signifies that he or she has a piece of paper that indicates the successful completion of a course of study. It does not even fully qualify or equip him or her as a minister of the Gospel to effectively teach and preach His truths.

They may well know the name of Jesus Christ and have a concept of who He is, but that knowledge alone does not necessarily equate to them actually KNOWING Jesus Christ or having a personal relationship with Him. Even Satan knows the name of Jesus Christ, and when he hears the name, he trembles. To be effective in the work of the ministry requires a personal, intimate relationship with the Master Teacher – the Lord Jesus Christ. It is through that relationship that one becomes fully ready and equipped to effectively do the work that Lord has prepared for him or her to do.

I am not so much interested in the degrees or the titles that a person has. Those things are nice, but what is more important is if in all of their education and obtaining of those degrees and titles they truly KNOW Him. For without Him they can do nothing. Without Him, they will surely fail.