In Times of Storm – Be Still, Be Quiet, Watch, and Listen

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Storm LanternI love thunder storms. That may seem a little odd to some people, but I actually enjoy listening to the roaring sounds of thunder, watching lightning dance across the sky, and listening to the gentle soothing sound of the rain as it falls.

When I was a boy, when it would begin to storm, my mother would go around the house making sure that everything was unplugged. Once she was sure that everything was unplugged, she would have my brother, sisters, and I sit quietly in the living room until the storm had passed over. She would not even answer the telephone if it rang during the storm. She would tell us that it was God’s work taking place, and we needed to be still, be quiet, watch and listen.

If a storm arose during the night while everyone was fast asleep, my mother would quietly get up and go from room to room making sure that everything was unplugged. Once she was satisfied that everything was unplugged, she would light a candle or a storm lantern and sit quietly on the couch in the living room until the storm was over.

In our lives we will experience many storms which may occur at any given time. During those times of storms we can choose to continue about our business, or we can do as my mother taught her four children – be still, be quiet, watch, and listen. The storms that we face in our life can be compared to my mother’s astute observation of thunder storms in that she believed that during a storm God is speaking and busy performing His work. And so it is, when the storms begin to rage in our life, God may be trying to speak to us and do a work in us. In order to hear His voice, and see those things which He wants to show us and teach us, we must shut out the distractions and diversions of the world, and focus all of our attention on Him. Just as my mother would make sure that everything was unplugged from its source of energy during a storm, when storms begin to rise in our life, we must learn to unplug from the world and be still, be quiet, watch, and listen. The light from the candle or the storm lantern that my mother lit is representative of the Light of Christ entering in and teaching us those things which he needs us to learn.

Oftentimes I find that I get some of my best rest during thunder storms. Perhaps the rumbling of the thunder combined with the gentle falling of the rain is God’s way of taking my mind off the cares of the day and gently rocking me to sleep in order that He can speak to me without outside interruptions.

Some storms are more severe and last longer than others. Perhaps, at times, God needs more of our time and attention. But, have you ever stopped to notice that even in the midst of a storm, the Son still shines, and at the end of every storm, the darkness rolls away, and the sun does shine again? I have learned to appreciate the storms in my life because it is during those times that I unplug from the world and allow the Light to radiate more brightly. It is during the times of storms that I can still hear my dear mother say, “Be still, be quiet, watch, and listen.”