Elder David James Archuleta Christmas Concert at Santiago Temple 2013

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Elder David James ArchuletaElder David James Archuleta is currently serving a two-year full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Chile. He is scheduled to return home from his mission on 28 March 2014. On, Saturday, 14 December 2013, Elder Archuleta was one of the participants in a Christmas concert held at the Santiago Temple. You can watch the live stream of the concert in Spanish on LDS.org here.

Elder David James Archuleta Christmas Devotional 2013Elder Archuleta sang Sus Manos (His Hands) for his zone’s Christmas Musical Devotional on 1 December 2013 in Buin, the northern edge of the mission. In the picture above, he put his finger on his lips to politely tell someone to “shhh”

Elder David James Archuleta Christmas Devotional 10 December

Elder David Archuleta had a huge concert on 10 December 2013. It was a public event similar to last year, however, this time he performed with a Mormon and Christian chorus. It was necessary to have body guards because the Christmas Concert was at Constitution Square, opposite La Moneda Palace – the seat of the President of the Republic of Chile.

Elder David James Archuleta - November 2013

2 thoughts on “Elder David James Archuleta Christmas Concert at Santiago Temple 2013

    violet4ever said:
    Thursday, 19 December2013 at 22:59

    Thanks for the nice article. I love David’s voice and the fine person he is. I own all of his recordings. BTW for another great Chile performance search Youtube for Archuleta O Ven Ensayo (that is the rehearsal) and Archuleta Oh Ven (for the performance). I look forward to David’s return.


      keithlbrown1958 responded:
      Friday, 20 December2013 at 06:23

      Thank you! I also have all of David’s recordings and I am greatly anticipating his next. He is such a great example and a great man of faith. It is hard to believe that his mission is almost over, 28 March 2014 is his return date. I am sure that he will not have much time to jut sit and relax as he will want to get to work doing what he loves most – making music for his fans. Regardless of the genre he chooses, I am sure that it will be great. Thanks for the links to the other videos. Take care and Merry Christmas!


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