David and Valerie Osmond – Alleluia

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David and Valerie Osmond

Again, I realize that it is not yet Christmas, but then again, I do not believe that we need wait for a holiday to remember and celebrate the birth and life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In the video above, recording artist David Osmond and his wife Valerie perform one of their favorite Christmas songs, “Alleluia, on the program Mormon Times.

David, like his Father, Alan Osmond of the world renown Osmond Brothers, has MS. He was diagnosed with the disease in 2006. Like father, like son, David continues to perform in spite of any discomfort caused by having MS. He credits a saying by his father, “I may have MS, but MS does not have me,”with encouraging him to return to doing what he loves doing best – entertaining.

“I thought music was done for me,” David said. Earlier in his MS journey, he couldn’t walk, his breathing was so labored that he couldn’t sing, and playing guitar was impossible. Fortunately, he has regained much of his function, but thinks about what it must have meant for an Osmond to ponder a life without music. [1]

David further commented about his condition,

It’s something I deal with on a day-to-day basis, every minute,” he said. “I kind of cover it up, but I still have MS. I constantly feel pain in my legs, but right now I’m able to stand, walk, and drive a car. I am truly blessed. [1]