Perpetual Lies vs. Absolute Truth

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What is truth?It seems that there are some people who are more accepting of perpetual lies and “half-truths” than they are of accepting absolute truth. To them, perpetual lies and “half-truths” hold more merit because they have a tendency to vacillate the mind and stimulate interest for wanting to know more; where, absolute truth seems boring and too concrete.

The danger of “half-truths” is that over time, if the other half of the truth is never sought out to get absolute truth, the “half-truth” eventually perpetuates into becoming a whole lie.

Perpetual lies and “half-truths” are built upon a sandy foundation which begins to erode as the seas of time continually beat upon its shores, but absolute truth stands firm upon a solid foundation which is able to prevail the seas of time.

~ Keith Lionel Brown