Living with Unnecessary Regrets

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No Regrets

Many times we go through life living with unnecessary regrets because we fail to heed promptings that we receive because we feel that they are not important enough to call for taking our time to respond to them. We later find ourselves singing the song of woes, “I should have, I would have, I could have,” but alas we still turn a deaf ear and a blind eye and focus our attention on those things that are seemingly much more important to us. As a result, we oftentimes discover that when we finally make room in our “busy” lives and heed the promptings that we received earlier, we are a day late and a dollar short, we miss the boat entirely, or instead of seizing the opportunity to be proactive in a situation, we find ourselves having to become reactive.

~ Keith Lionel Brown; Annapolis, Maryland; 20 October 2013