His Grace and Mercy Are Sufficient

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His Grace and Mercy Are SufficientSometimes there are incidents that occur in our life that seem beyond logical or reasonable explanation. We may find ourselves crying out, hoping for answers about why a thing has happened, but the answer to our incessant cries never seem to come. We may even become frustrated and irritated and begin to feel that all hope is lost, never realizing that perhaps now is not the time for the “why” to be revealed. Things happen in life, not per chance, but oftentimes to help make us stronger, and to cause us to be more humble, and less apt to take things for granted. Regardless of what happens in life, God will never give us any more than we can possibly bear. He will never leave us nor forsake us. His grace and mercy are more than enough to see us through any situation. His love for us never fails.

~ Keith Lionel Brown; Annapolis, Maryland; 20 October 2013