How Blissful Is Our Ignorance?

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Ignorance is BlissThere are some people who seem to be blissful in their ignorance. They seem to be “snug as a bug in a rug” in not knowing about, or even attempting to learn about, the world around them. On the other hand, there are those who become so enveloped in other matters that they often neglect important tasks at hand, including things that really matter most because of their blissful ignorance.

We are all ignorant of some things, but we can choose to increase our knowledge and enhance our understanding of things of which we are ignorant, or we can choose to continue to wallow in our ignorance and be blissful. The same applies to setting our priorities in life. We can turn our focus towards those things which matter most, or we can continue to journey through life being blissfully ignorant of the realities around us and allow further opportunity to completely pass us by.

Some may find comfort and solace in accepting the bliss that seems to result from their ignorance. Others may excuse thoughtless or offensive actions as simply a result of blissful ignorance on their part – and hence not really their fault. In either instance, unless a person makes the choice to abandon ignorance, he may eventually find himself forever stuck in a quagmire without any hope of ever getting out.