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Judging Others

We can no more discover the contents of a book based on its title alone, than we can decide the character of a person based only on his outward appearance. Sometimes the title of a book can lead a person to think that the book is about one subject, but upon perusal of its pages, the reader discovers that the content discusses something entirely different. In the same way, we cannot judge a person based solely on comments made about his race, nationality, culture, or even preconceived ideas about the type of person he seems to portray – comments, remarks, and preconceived ideas that can sometimes be unfair, unjust, and unwarranted – but rather we must take the time to “read” the person – to get to know the true content of his character. Just as the actual contents of a book tell what the book is about, so does the character of a man tell what type of person he truly is.

~ Keith Lionel Brown

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover