We Must Learn to Walk the Talk

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Walk the TalkWhen it comes to matters of religion, we should not allow the behavior of some to dictate the validity of the religion. A few bad apples should be deemed the minority, and not the voice for the majority. Thus, we must look beyond the behaviors and misdeeds of the few, and join our hearts with the many who strive to live what they teach and preach – those who strive to walk their talk.

On the matter of beliefs, if a person claims to be religious or a member of a particular religious sect, then he ought to live by the tenets of his religion, and set the proper example before others. Either what his religion teaches is true or it is not. Either he believes in the practices of his religion or he does not. There can be no riding of the fence – there is no middle ground. Believing or acting religious or pious only when in agreement with something, or when things are favorable, can be viewed as both hypocritical and sacrilegious.

~ Keith Lionel Brown

Walking the Talk