The Value of Our Time

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Bruce Lee Time QuoteTime is a precious commodity. Whether we are married, single, widowed, divorced, or single parents, there are things in all of our lives that can put great demands on our time. No single station in life dictates that one person is any busier than another. By the same token, just because a person’s station in life is not comparable to that of another, it does not suggest that person just sits idle with nothing to do; neither does it offer up his or her time for others to take for granted and consume because they assume that he has nothing else to do.

value-of-a-millisecondEach of us has a life to live, and in the course of that life there are things that continuously vie for our time. Regardless of our station in life, our life circumstances often dictate how our time gets divided in any given day. It is not for any of us to make the decision that what a person is doing or has to do is of any less importance than anything that we are doing or have to do. In fact, it is selfish on our part to want to take up a large part of a person’s time without taking into consideration that person may already be involved in something else or has something that he needs to get done.

Time is PreciousAs with all things in life, having respect for others is an amiable quality to have. Each of us are given 24 hours in a day to carry out the tasks at hand. There are some days when the load that we carry will be light, and other days when we feel pressed and heavy burdened to get everything done that needs to be done. And so, regardless of our station in life, each of us finds that our time is valuable. Therefore, if we want people to respect our time, we need to reciprocate by having respect for their time.