Facing Our “Goliaths”

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Facing Your Goliath

We often fail in life’s challenges or feel as if we are failures in life because we are our own worse critics – judging ourselves more harshly than the reality of our situation. In effect we “fail” because we often fail ourselves.

Sometimes in life we are faced with seemingly insurmountable hurdles. Instead of trying to get over them, we view them as a “mighty Goliath” and run and cower. As a result, many times we fail to see our dreams and aspirations come to fruition because we don’t have the courage to press forward and engage the “Goliath” that stands in our way. Even before we make the first step, we convince ourselves that we cannot defeat the “giant” in front of us. We give up and give in without ever trying.

For each of us, the road to success in life is filled with obstacles and hurdles, as well as those potholes called “failure.” We need to try to avoid the potholes if we can, or at least realize that they are there and devise a plan to get past them without falling in.

No one ever promised us that life would be a rose garden. No one ever promised us that the road that we would travel would be smooth as glass. Life is full of many lofty mountains and many low and desolate valleys. There may be a  “Goliath” which crosses our path from time to time, but we will never do anything in this life if we continually quit every time we come face to face with a “giant” who is blocking our way and daring us to go any further. We must learn to always carry a proverbial slingshot and a few smooth stones in our backpacks, and take courage like the little shepherd boy David, and face the “Goliath” in our lives head on with the determination that we will defeat him, and not allow him to defeat us.

Facing Giants