Are We Truly Sorry?

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GossippingThere are some people in this world who seem to find extreme jubilation in deliberately inflicting hurt upon others. The hurt that they cause is not necessarily physical, but more times than not, it is emotional pain that they inflict upon others either through their colloquy, their deeds, or both. They either say crass and demeaning things to a person face-to-face, or for the more cowardly at heart, behind their back only to be revealed at a later time. There are also those who dare to be brazen enough to inflict their hurt and pain by speaking ill of a person that is within earshot. Even so, words do not always have to be audible to inflict their hurt and pain. Sometimes the cold and calloused behavior of one person towards another speaks louder than a myriad of words.

Doctor SorrySome of these same ruthless people are proverbial “doctors” who seem to always carry with them a medicine bag filled with bottles of medicine called “I’m Sorry” which they feel is a cure-all for all pains and wounds that they have inflicted. “Just take a spoonful of this medicine,” or “rub a little of it into your wounds,” they tell their proverbial patients, “and all will be well.” Well – for who? For themselves, or for the person(s) whom they have hurt. And how long does this medicine last? Does it last forever, or just until the next time that the one causing the infliction has an urge or desire to once again inflict the inflicted?

Genuinely SorryI humbly submit that there are times when simply saying “I’m sorry!” is not enough, especially if it is only rendered as a half-hearten apology so as to appease the person that has been hurt. To truly say “I’m sorry” and mean what we say, we must have a repentant heart and a genuine desire to never want to cause anyone any hurt or pain ever again.