What is Hope?

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Power of HopeHope is the song of the heart that soothes the troubled mind and the weary soul enabling the belief that although things may not be as expected at this particular moment, all is not lost, for there does shine a light at the end of a seemingly dark tunnel. Hope invigorates the mind and gives vitality to an otherwise doleful life.

Jesus Christ is the Living WaterHope develops within a person the realization that the well of life has not run dry, but rather the pump just needs to be primed with the water of faith, and then, once again the cool refreshing Water of Life can be drawn from the well.

Hope gives a person the courage to continue to press forward at times when it may seem that there is nothing worth pressing forward for.

As long as hope can remain alive, life has a whole new meaning and purpose. It is when a person begins to lose hope that his life begins to draw to an end.