The Grass is Not Always Greener on the Other Side

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Sitting here thinkingAs we journey down the road of life we find that there are times when we will need to stop and take a respite. As we sit and ponder about our life, looking out over the horizon, from where we may sit at any given station in our life, we envision that the pastures over yonder are much greener than any pastures that we have ever come across.

Wagon wheels turningAt times, as we travel along we may feel that our wagon wheels are turning, but it doesn’t ever seem that we are making much ground. It seems that our life is stuck in a rut, and that we have traveled down the same old dusty road for far too long. Even the pastures that we do come across in our travels seem more like dry, barren desserts. We grow weary and yearn to be able to get to those luscious green pastures just over yonder, convincing ourselves that life would be much sweeter if we could just get from here to there.

Grass is not always greenerIn time we may arrive at those pastures that we envisioned. When we do, we find that we feel better about ourselves because our long and arduous journey is finally over. We believe that our life has finally taken a turn for the better, and that the roads ahead will proffer us much smoother travel. However, though the pastures that lay before us seem inviting, we may find over a time, after we have been able to bask in the sunshine as it were, that these pastures are really not any greener than the pastures that we left behind, and the roads that we travel down are not any smother than the roads that we have been used to traveling on. We begin to realize that some of the same troubles that we had to face and deal with back where we came from are the same troubles that we have to face and deal with now with perhaps some new ones added to the seemingly ever-growing list.

Indeed the pastures may seem to be greener, and we may envision life being sweeter over yonder, but that is not always the case. Sometimes we may find that once we get to those “greener pastures”, what we had was really not as bad as what we had thought. Let us not be so hasty to always want to get to “greener pastures” over yonder, but let us take time to be thankful for those pastures that we have right before us. We may soon discover that any pastures that we come across in life are as green as we make them out to be.