Building the Kingdom of God on Earth

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Country ChurchBeing a true Christian, a true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, goes far beyond the passivity in our lives. Being a true Christian is centered around our activity and involvement in helping to build up the Kingdom of God on earth. Simply putting a proverbial check mark in the box each week because one shows up for Church on Sunday is not enough.

Serving One AnotherThe Gospel of Jesus Christ is a Gospel of action. The Lord expects His children to be busy about their Father in Heaven’s business. The Gospel is not all about you, or all about me, it is, however, all about serving others.

The Savior’s entire ministry was not self-centered, but rather it was people-centered. He came to be a servant, not to sit and wait to be served. Let us not be so overly concerned about what we think other “Christians” are doing or not doing, but let us get busy and go to work in the vineyard and do those things that WE should be doing.

At the end of the day the question that will be asked of each of us by the Master is not what did someone else do to help build up my Kingdom, but rather the question will be, “What did YOU do to help build up My Kingdom?”

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    The Kingdom Of God Is Where Authority Meets Humility said:
    Saturday, 21 September2013 at 16:13

    […] God is waiting on you to act for Him. I don’t know why that is so, but it is the way of His kingdom. He put everything in our hands and expects us to believe Him and follow His example. […]


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