How much do you really care?

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True CharacterThe old adage is indeed true, “People will not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” We can all be found guilty at times of being so wrapped around the grandiose moments in our lives that we often miss the beauty of, and the lessons that can be learned from, the moments that we count as insignificant.

People may never remember what we did or said in this life, but what they will remember is how we treated them and how we made them feel. It is often the random acts of kindness, no matter how meager they may seem, that are the most beneficial to everyone. The man with the highest IQ is not necessarily the wisest man; rather he that has a heart full of love and compassion for others and demonstrates that he sincerely cares by reaching out to them in their moments of need.

He who spends his life standing in the spotlight seeking vain glory and recognition may well be remembered by a few, but it is often he who stood in the quiet shadows realizing that because he has been given much he too must give that will be remembered the most, not necessarily by name, but because of his unselfish acts of kindness and because he cared.