Be A Light to the World

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I am a firm believer that we do not learn or grow by wanting to stay hidden in the shadows while everyone else always takes the lead. We need to crawl out of our shells and get out of our comfort zones and let the world know, without being obnoxious or overbearing, that we do exist and that we do have a voice. We may falter and make mistakes along the way, but we learn from those mistakes and keep pressing forward. Many a talent is never revealed to the world, and many a blessing is missed out by the person possessing the talent perhaps because of a fear of failure and rejection. Let us think of failures as the bellows that stoke the fire within us, and rejections as the coals that are needed to help keep that fire within us burning. We need to be a light to the world, but we cannot do that if we continue to hide our light under a bushel where no one can see it.

~ Keith Lionel Brown