Common Sense Prevails

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Lock a man with only his intelligence and little common sense into a box and he may eventually figure out how to set himself free through his reasoning and logic. Something as obvious as searching for the key seems too simple to him. And so he spends his time trying to solve a proverbial puzzle that does not exist except in his own mind. Lock a man with less intelligence, but who has common sense into that same box, and his concern is with being free. And so he will use that which is available to get free as quickly as possible.

Intelligence of a ManThere are some very intelligent people in the world. They have the knowledge of a myriad of facts and ideas. However, I humbly submit that intelligence alone is not enough. Along with that intelligence it is more important that they have some common sense. Not all answers to life’s quandaries can be found in a textbook, through advanced formulas, or even in a classroom lecture. There are many instances in life where good old common sense prevails.