Theological Degree vs KNOWING Christ

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I have said it before and I will continue to say it. Just because a man and/or woman has a theological degree from a Seminary, Bible College, or some other religious institution, it does not imply that he or she has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It only indicates that he or she has a piece of paper that denotes the successful completion of a course of study. It does not even fully qualify or equip him or her to be a minister of the Gospel – to effectively teach and preach His truths. He or she may well know the name of Jesus Christ and have a concept of who He is, but that knowledge alone does not necessarily equate to actually KNOWING Jesus Christ or having a personal relationship with Him. Even Satan knows the name of Jesus Christ, and when he hears the name he trembles. To be effective in the work of the ministry requires a personal, intimate relationship with the Master Teacher – the Lord Jesus Christ. It is through that relationship that one becomes fully ready and equipped to effectively do the work that has been prepared for him to do.

~ Keith Lionel Brown