Please Be Patient, God Is Not Finished With Me Yet

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The Potter and the clayEach of us is a continual work in progress. We are clay in the hands of the Master Potter who sits in His house at the potter’s wheel continually molding and shaping us into what we are to become according to the master plan which only He holds. Each mold that He creates is a unique work of art and is intricate in design. This Master Potter is meticulous about His work and carefully works with each mold to make sure that it is according to design before placing it in the kiln to dry and harden, producing the last desired product.

Farmer plowing fallow groundThink of the molding and shaping that takes place as a farmer who wants to plant his seeds in fallow ground. Before he can actually plant his seeds he has to work the ground and get rid of all the weeds and thorns that would eventually overtake and choke his crops, and plow and fertilize the soil in order that it has the nutrients needed to help his crops grow. After working the ground and planting his seeds, he still has to wait a certain time before his crops come to fruition and are ready to harvest. All the while he continually waters and cares for his field until the day of harvest arrives.

And so, God has a plan for each of our lives. He does not show His plan in its entirety all at once, but rather He moves us along in His plan one step at a time, nurturing, guiding, and loving us each step of the way, until the day we become the finished product that He desires for us to be for His purposes and for His glory.

By the grace of God I am who I am. I do not claim to be, nor do I have a wish to be, anything other than what my Heavenly Father has purposed and planned for me to be. I am not all that I would be, for God is not finished with me yet. I am a continual work in progress as He molds and shapes me into all that I am to become. He is the Master Potter and I am the clay.