A Fool and His Folly

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To entertain a fool in his folly is like getting into the pig pen and wallowing in the mud with the pig. One of you likes it while the other becomes disgustingly filthy. The wick of the fool’s candle will continue to burn so long as there are those who give in to his antics and continue to play his nonsensical games of which there are no real rules other than the rules that he devises as the games progress to make sure that the score always remains in his favor. The longer one continues to play the fool’s games, the more they become ensnared in the mangling chords of his web of madness and confusion with no chance of ever breaking free. There may seem to be no way to beat the fool at his games, but there is one sure way. The best way to beat a fool at his own games is to not become foolish enough to play his games in the first place. A fool left to his own folly to play his games alone will find that the wick of his candle will soon be snuffed out like a candle in the wind.

~ Keith Lionel Brown