Speaking With a Voice of Intelligence

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Absolutely there is a time when silence can be considered golden – a time when saying less can be considered more, and perhaps saying nothing at all can be considered best. The man who insists on rushing in headlong and voicing his opinion on a matter does not necessarily do so because he is the most intelligent or the most knowledgeable about the subject under discussion, but most of the time he does so in hopes of being recognized by his peers as such. For him to speak out of turn about that which he has no knowledge or comprehension of makes him to appear as no more than a circus clown who entertains the crowds, or even worse, a braying jackass.

A time to be silent

Every person has a voice, and certainly every voice deserves an audience. However, sometimes it proves wiser to remain silent in the shadows and listen carefully to the oration presented to gain a richer understanding of what is articulated. It is during that time of studious listening that we can begin processing the information that we are taking in, and formulating our thoughts, ideas, and opinions in a more rational way.

A man of wisdom

Once we have gingerly collected our thoughts and have with reservations prepared the words that we might say about the matter under discussion, then are we able to speak with clarity, certainty, and a voice of intelligence. If we are still branded a fool after our enunciation, at least we can walk away being considered an intelligent fool and not a nonsensical one.