Are We Fire Starters or Firefighters

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Playing with fireThere are people in this world who seem to make it their life’s mission to continually fan the ever glowing embers of ignorance and hatred. Then when one little spark from those embers ignite into a flame, they will fan it turning that ember into one major fire. Once that fire is started, they will attempt to keep it burning, fueling it with unrelenting ignorance and hatred.

It proves of no purpose for us to retaliate with our own ignorance and hatred. The result of such actions is to put more fuel on the fire, keeping it burning. In time if someone does not combat that fire it will destroy lives and livelihoods.

FirefighterIn such instances we need to be the “firefighters” instead of the ones who continually add fuel to the fire. Once such a fire has gotten out of control, the only way to bring it back under control is to repeatedly douse it with a solid stream of the cool healing waters of brotherly love and compassion, and completely smother any remaining glowing embers with a blanket of human dignity, self-worth, and patient love. It is of a certainty that we cannot fight fire with fire. But, we can help to extinguish the fire by drowning it out in an ocean of love.

~ Keith Lionel Brown