A House vs A Home

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It has been said that a man’s home is his castle. But, I humbly submit that before a man crowns himself king of said proverbial castle, it may prove of necessity to first have an understanding of what a home is.

Nice HouseHow many times have we in conversation when departing from someone’s house said, “I think I will go home now”? The word “home” as used in this particular instance defines the place where we dwell or live. Perhaps we would be more precise by saying, “I think that I will go to my house now.” I say that because the truth of the matter is that every house is not a home, and a person can be a part of a home without physically living in a house or some similar dwelling.

A house is a place where people reside. They may partake of their meals there, do some of the necessities of life there, and even lay their head to rest at night there, but it is still just a house. There may be other people who live in the “house”, but even that does not make that house a “home.”

Family at homeHome, as has been said, is where the heart is. Home is not merely a place where people live together, but they live together and share in the joys and heartaches, the laughter and the tears, the sunshine days and the dark and dreary nights of adversity. All hearts are conjoined as one, and everybody is a somebody of self-worth and importance.

House vs. HomeThere are no little islands or a desert in the home where the unfavorable are banished, but the home is a virtual community of love, hope, and understanding. It is a place where the universal language spoken is love. The home is the place where everyone understands that the internal infrastructure will only be as strong as the cohesive bond that holds it together. When that infrastructure is breached, they quickly join forces to do damage control and repair the breaches to prevent a total collapse.

Standing on its own, a house is merely a house. However, when that house is filled with love and there is a unity that creates a cohesive bond, that house then becomes a home.