The Impression That We Make On Others

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A Man of WisdomWe may never know how big of an influence we may have on an individual’s life. Even though people may never say anything, they do observe what we do and say. How we present ourselves to a person often makes a lasting impression upon that person. From our actions, people make decisions about us — whether to consider us a friend or a foe, whether we are someone that they can trust, or someone that they should shy away from.

For example, I was talking to a person not long ago and after our conversation the person felt impressed to send me this little note in which they give their first impression of the type of person I appear to be:

You are a man who has felt deep sorrow yet has climbed high above it to reach a true satisfaction yet not a true happiness. You are sometimes righteous and pure but often mischievous and playful. You are very childlike but rarely childish. You enjoy hearing secrets yet are hard pressed to keep them. You are able to like and enjoy people even if they do not like you but there are times where you hate people for liking you. You are eclectic and eccentric in thought, mind and idea. You are hungry for many things. You hunger for more knowledge of the world and of the universe, of the heavens and beyond. You hunger for true, honest and real love. You hunger for a soul quenching spiritual awakening. You are a man who really does wish “joy to the World and peace on Earth” and quite often feels some sadness, regret and frustration that you, yourself, cannot be the bearer of such tidings. You sometimes feel angry because the world won’t let you change it. You have so much to give to others. Knowledge to impart, love to give. You are able to raise the spirit of others and to give them confidence. You are a man of great wisdom, you are an old soul. You have high morals and you are a man of integrity and you do not judge others. However you view with impunity those whose moral compass is off. You are always the first to apologize, the first to forgive. You do not know what revenge is or how to be vindictive and you are unable to hold a grudge. Your thoughts and ideas mean more to you than monetary wealth for they are priceless. You are a man of principal and will fight for what you believe even if you are the lone fighter. You will also fight for the rights of others. You are not afraid to stand alone in a crowd. You are a leader, a man of vision, a man of honor, a man of his word. You are an interesting man and a man of interest….

When I read those words, I was indeed surprised that someone who doesn’t even know me, seems to know so much about me. This evaluation was written after only one conversation. That is why it is so important to remember that “First impressions do make lasting impressions.” Perhaps sometimes we feel that nothing we say or do really matters, oh, but it does, it really does.