Time to Man-up and Become Mature

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Childrum Throwing a TantrumThere definitely comes a time in our lives when we are no longer infants – a time when we need to begin to mature and get past the point of constantly whining, crying, or throwing temper tantrums because we cannot get our way. If we feel that the scales of justice and fairness are unbalanced, leaning more to one side than another, than it is time that we stop sucking on our pacifiers, drinking milk from our “sippy cups”, and eating pablum. It is time to start manning-up by ingesting and digesting solid food and doing that which is necessary to help bring about change and to balance the scales.

Adult PacifierChange has never been brought about in this world by people wanting to stay seated in their easy chairs of things as they are, accepting the unacceptable, while all the while on the inside they are wallowing in a slime pit of misery and woe. In order to bring about change, we have to be willing to get off of our “blessed assurances” and take action to make sure that the desired change comes to fruition.

If we are not willing to mature, but wish to always act like infants, then we can expect, and should learn to accept, that some changes may never occur; therefore,  we should continue to do nothing, just continue sucking on our pacifiers, crying for our milk, eating our pablum, and be content.