Trails of Tears – Trails of Hope – Envisioning a Brighter Tomorrow

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Journey Through LifeWe will never be able to forge ahead on our journey through life so long as we are determined to continually look behind us and attempt to relive the days of yore. While we should not bury our past completely, for it is our past that has helped mold us into who we are today, we cannot return to its perhaps now barren wastelands and make the rash decision to pitch our tents there.

Turn Back the Hands of TimeThere are things in all of our histories that we may wish we could change, but alas we are powerless to turn back the hands of time and make those changes ourselves. What we can do is learn from our past, learn from the examples of our forefathers, who though life may not have been the best for them at times, and who traversed many trails of tears, still pressed forward with every ounce of strength and courage that they could muster to blaze trails of hope, and to build bridges to a brighter tomorrow for those who would come after them.

Scales of JusticeSome of the things in our histories are indeed daunting, and perhaps there are some who wish to lash out at someone, anyone, for the wrongs and injustices that may have been committed towards their ancestors. But who is to be held accountable for those injustices? Is it fair and just for a person to indict the descendants of those who wronged his ancestors, when those descendants are perhaps even less knowledgeable than himself of the “facts” behind why the maltreatment even occurred? Is it therefore “justice” to bind them in locked shackles of tyranny and oppression, and hold a personal tribunal – a mock court in which the accuser sits as both judge and jury with the predetermined verdict of “GUILTY” dripping from his lips? How can such behavior be a healing balm for the wounds that have been inflicted over the passage of time? To commit such acts under the guise of balancing the scales of justice makes the accuser no better a person than those who originally committed the cruelties and injustices.

Face of HatredBattles have never been brought to an end by continuing to bombard the shores of the opposition, but rather at some point in time, an armistice had to be drafted, and leaders of both parties had to come to an agreement to cease fire upon each other. In that same vein, the whirlwinds of hatred that exist in the world will never be brought to a reconcilable resolution so long as there are people who will never allow the glowing embers of malice, discontent, and bitterness to burn out, but rather are insistent in fueling a fire that has the potential of becoming a raging inferno.

We may not be able to change the events of the past, but we do have some control of the events of the present, and with the right attitude and a willingness and determination to press forward, we can indeed look ahead and envision brighter tomorrows.