My Deep Abiding Respect For Womanhood

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Mother and her ChildrenI would just like to say a few words about my deep abiding respect for womanhood. In particular, I would like to say a few words on behalf of all the mothers of the world. I have often said, and I will say it again, if you want to know the true heartbeat of a home, take time to get to know the mother or the matriarchal figure of that home. As a man, I boldly testify that it is the mother, not the father who sets the tone for the home.

Mom and MeI know of a surety, that after my dear mother passed in 1997, the entire atmosphere of our home changed. Things definitely were not the same as they once were. In fact, things seemed a bit out of sorts. That same welcoming, loving spirit in the home that once resided there, seemed to had disappeared. There was just something special about my dear mother. Her very presence in the home, made it seem like a bit of heaven on earth. I am sure that there are many who feel the same way about their mother. Thank God for mothers!

To the young people of the world may I offer this wise counsel, LOVE YOUR MOTHER! Young people of the world, LOVE YOUR MOTHER!! Honor her, Respect her, and Obey her. She is a mortal just as you, and so she is prone to make mistakes, just like you, but still, she is deserving of your love, your honor, and your respect.

Mother and ChildrenYour mother should never be used as the subject of jokes or derogatory comments. In my almost 55 years of life, I have never found one dear mother who was deserving of being the subject of anyone’s, especially her own children’s, cruel, demeaning, and degrading jokes and comments. What I have found is that they are all deserving of LOVE, HONOR, and RESPECT.

Young people, if you have friends that come to your home that refuse to respect your mother, then perhaps it is time for you to grow up, and wise up, and choose better friends. Friends come, and friends go, but a dear, loving mother, will stick by her child to the bitter end, even to go so far, when she knows without a doubt that her child is guilty of a serious wrong against society and is deserving of punishment, to stand beside the child that she loves pleading and begging for mercy for that child. Young people of the world, LOVE YOUR MOTHER!

Husbands Love Your WifeIn that same vein, I say to all husbands and fathers, LOVE YOUR WIFE!! The greatest example of love that you can show your children is to show them that you love their mother.

Thank God for all the women of the world. It is often the women who have to keep the men in line and on track. More times than not, in an hour of need, it is the women who are the first on the scene to arrest the situation. In some respects, whether the macho men of the world want to admit it or not, if it were not for the women of the world, this world might well be in worse shape than it is in at this hour. Men are often “thinkers” and procrastinators, women see that there is something to be done and get it done. Oftentimes, while men are devising their strategy, women have already found a resolution to the issue. I say again, thank God for mothers! Thank God for the women of the world!